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Have Camera Will Travel

A Project 365 - Photo-a-Day

Day 40 - Second Day
We made it to Texas today.  We left Illinois around 7:30 this morning so we made really good time.

Today I'm posting 2 photos instead.  First of the "Mighty Mississippi" and the second of a beautiful rest stop along Highway 40 in Arkansas.

Day 39 - First Leg of Journey
We only have another 13 hours left on our journey.  *WOOT*

Here's a picture of the "Big E Plantation," (aka my parent's house) which is where we'll spend the night before heading out early tomorrow morning.  And when I say early, I mean that Bill wants to be on the road at 7am.  Silly man. 

Turning up this gravel road to my parents always, always makes me smile.  Bill commented on how much he likes coming here as well.  Right now he's sitting out on their back porch reading, watching the bunny rabbits and hoping for deer.

Day 38 - Storms
We had some interesting storms come through our area today.  No where near as interesting as the tornadoes out west thank goodness.

We had sunshine and high humidity followed by strong winds and heavy downpour followed by more sunshine.  All within about an hour.

It made for some interesing clouds though.

Day 37 - Spring? Finally?
Sunday was spent, not having fun with my sims as I had wanted, but getting my Spring/Summer clothes out of the garage and putting away my Winter clothes.  Finally.

Considering I was still wearing sweaters last week I may regret this, but I really needed to get ready for Texas. 
So here's a pic showing some of what I was doing today.

Day 36 - Nada
Yeah, you read that right.  The last day of school, a picnic at work, water fights, lots of food, and I forgot to take my camera.

/me bangs head on desk 
So, what should have been Day 37 is now 36.  And, while it isn't exactly a photo I took, it does show what I did for the most part of the day.
Yeah, I played Sims3 all day long.  Gotta love the weekends. LOL

Day 35 - My Guardian?
I've mentioned to some of you about my cat and how he really can't stand to have a closed door between us.  Well, I went outside to look for some picture ideas and heard something behind me.  When I turned around, there was Roscoe, in the kitchen window watching me.

I don't know if he thought I was leaving or was afraid I'd do something fun without his knowing it, but I really got a kick out of it.   And, contrary to the title of this posting, I'm sure it wasn't a bodyguard type of thing.  lol

Day 34 - Green Thumb
i used to tell people that I had a green thumb but not a flowing thumb.  In other words, I could keep ferns, cacti, rhododendron, etc., blah-blah-blah, alive but if a plant was supposed to flower I could kill it by looking in it's direction.

But then my former boss brought in an African Violet to the office,  At that time our offices were combined so I tried to warn her that plants don't flower near me but she proceeded to prove me wrong.  Then, after her violets had all flowered at least once, she gave me a start off each of them and told me to give it a try.

Behold!  The only flowering plant I have ever been able to keep alive and actually have it flower.  On a regular basis even!   Plus, the best part is that I have 5-6 violets in my office but none of them seem to want to flower at the same time as the others.  This means that I have different color flowers popping up at different times of the year.

Very pretty.

Day 33 - Stuffed Momentoes
I don't remember if I've alays had a fondness for stuffed animals or not.  I remember having several in my teenage years, including one hugh pink polkadot pig I used as a chair while I was on the phone.

However, in the past few years I've been finding myslef buying souvenir stuffed animals whenever possible.   I have a stuffed bear Beefeater and a stuffed raven from my last trip to London (or plushies), a pony and a buffalo from a trip to Texas, and a camel from a trip to the Holy Land amusement park in Florida (which is a story for another time).  I also have several disney-oriented stuffed animals from my various trips to Walt Disney World.  Duh.

The few non-souvenir stuffed animals I have are just as sentimental, such as the 3 Build-A-Bears I have from the times we've taken my granddaughter there.  

Day 32 - The Day Before The Big Day
Tomorrow is June 2nd.  Yeah, most people are probably thinking "So?" but for a few people... ok, way more than a few people, who have been awaiting tomorrow with eager anticipation tomorrow is the day The Sims3 is to be released to the general public.  *and there was much rejoicing*

Well, maybe not much rejoicing, but some.  Several of my friends have already pre-ordered this game as well as a certain companion book printed by Prima Guide.  I didn't pre-order the game but I should be receiving my copy of the Prima Guide in the mail at work tomorrow. 

I'm still not sure when I will buy/install the game (probably not until after EA has released the second patch) but since I know that I will buy it I had no problems buying the guide long before I get the game.

How do I know that I will buy the game?  Well, you tell me.  Do you think I'm a fan of The Sims2 game?

Day 31 - Day of the Dogs
Well, I certainly wasn't going to call it a Dog Day Afternoon!    Although in a way it was, only in a good way that is.

A good friend of mine does white shepherd rescue and was showing one of her own white shepherds for the first time today.

Wolfie (or Wolfgang Pantera) first came into Dee's life around five years ago.  The poor dog was afraid of men and couldn't stand to be touched.  But thanks to the love and care from both Dee and her husband Ron today he is a completely different dog.  Today he's a show dog.   A First Place show dog, thank you very much!

Yes, this rescue dog went up against others of his breed and brought home a trophy, a ribbon and a rosette in the categories of Best Altered and for Best of Breed!  (I don't remember which was for which though)
I had planned to go today entirely for Dee's benefit and as a show of supprt but found myself enjoying it.  I had no idea what to expect since I'd never been to anything like that before but I had fun.  Of course, everyone in "Wolf's Pack" helped to make me feel very comfortable.  And to top things off, "Wolf's Pack" had their own shirts and now I have one too.  Yippee!!

Congratulations Wolfie and Dee!  You did a great job.  And Wolf, you totally ruled the show!